Better communication drives better results. 

Hi, I’m Kem. Glad you’re here. I’m a brand therapist and clarity advisor known for eliminating the complexity and information overload that sabotages effective work. 

My team and I are a group of problem solvers, strategists, and creatives here to help you clear the organizational hurdles keeping you, and your people, from getting the job done.

Make it simple.
Make it happen.


We know the pressure you’re facing; the demand for more output, the struggle to stay current with technology, shifting cultural triggers, limited time, decreasing budget, and no organizational consensus. 

We have found a way through to the other side.
We love helping others get there, too.

We are a down-to-earth group of professionals with decades of experience helping organizations align internal and external brand communications to connect with their audiences, meet goals, and fuel growth. We bring it all together with shorthand tools so you can use what you already have better and start operating more effectively right now.

Let’s get the right work done and let’s get it done right.

Clear Communication
“We need a plan that speaks to the right people at the right time.”
Brand Therapy
“We’re doing a lot of talking, but does our audience get it?”
Executive Strategy
“Our efforts feel disjointed. How do we establish a unified vision?”
Organizational Traction
“We have a strategy, but silos are keeping people from working together.”

People Hire Us To…

  • Dismantle silos and align a staff.
  • Reboot an outdated brand to expand a donor base.
  • Close a generational divide.
  • Centralize a communication strategy in a wild west organization.
  • Eliminate the “crisis” in crisis communications.
  • Grow business by treating employees like customers.
  • Implement a cascading vision for multiple players and moving parts.
  • Host a workshop for professional and team communications.

Improve your communications

Get a jump start, right now, our treat.