About Kem & The Team

Kem Meyer

Clarity Advisor & Brand Therapist | South Bend, IN

Kem lives at the intersection of strategy and creativity.

She has spent three decades working with small business, big business, non-profits, tech, finance, PR, marketing, schools and churches. They all have issues with communications; for better and worse. And, learning from them all, she’s honed a skill for finding and elevating the unique messaging threads in every organization that increase productive outcomes and minimize change turbulence.

Known for her ability to simplify complexity, she’s assembled a team of experienced strategists who, together, help find ways to remove barriers between people, teams, and culture.

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Beth Graybill

South Bend, IN

Amy Chaney

Boston, MA

John Emery

Boston, MA

Judy Stallwitz

Amarillo, TX

Kevin Orris

Mesa, AZ

Ginger Larson Hall

Orlando, FL

About Kem’s book.

While Kem spends her time working in all industry sectors, she wrote Less Chaos. Less Noise. out of her experience with and heart for the church.

She’s empathetic to a society increasingly turning away from the church for answers because its methods and language are clumsy and difficult. And, she has seen the difference a healthy local church can make in a community. That tension is what drives her work to help more people in ministry stop adding to the confusion and start making a connection.

It’s become a trusted go-to handbook for congregations and non-profits.

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