Excavate the great.

Forget the long to-do list. Let’s clear the debris and focus on what works so you can accomplish your vision.

Connection Framework


We spark fresh perspective and energy using our Brand Cue Card®. For over a decade, this patented tool has sharpened talking points and catalyzed success for countless clients.


Next, we deliver an easy-to-use cross-communications strategy. We won’t bog you down with a textbook-size plan. We focus on the right systems, for the right time, to apply right now.


Change can’t scale or grow if it doesn’t stick. That’s why we walk with you as you get hands-on practice with real people, projects, and priorities.




Solid communication fuels business. In a living, breathing organization made up of complex individuals, connection is key to making things work better for us all.

Imagine a world where:

Everyone is sold on your mission.

Your brand message is crystal clear.

Your team loves to collaborate.

Community impact is palpable.

Revenue steadily grows.

Systems run smoothly.

You feel prepared for the future.

Customers are engaged.

Your good reputation is contagious.

Communication isn’t about getting information out, it’s about getting through.”

– Kem Meyer