How It Works

Excavate the great.

Forget the long to-do list. Our process is designed to lighten your load and help you move forward faster.

Our Approach

At the heart of muddled communication, there are competing issues at play. We use a Connection Framework to dive into your organizational intricacies and identify the easiest ways to move forward.


We use our trademarked tool (Brand Cue Card®) to illuminate what’s working, reveal what’s in the way, and synthesize what matters most. It’s an empowering process that identifies clear opportunities for better communication throughout your organization.

Minimize obstacles: Toolset

Next, we equip you with a communications strategy that rallys your people, workflow, and output around what works. You won’t get a textbook-size plan or a 27-step process. You will get shorthand tools and mental models to help everyone in your organization communicate better—together.

Simplify messy systems: Skillset

To make change stick and grow, we create scaffolding with connection points and new messaging. We transfer our experience as you apply your new toolset with real people and real projects.


Solid communication fuels business. In a living, breathing organization made up of complex individuals, connection is key to making things work better for us all.

Imagine a world where:

Everyone is sold on your mission.

Your brand message is crystal clear.

Your team loves to collaborate.

Community impact is palpable.

Revenue steadily

Systems run

You feel prepared for the future.

Customers are

Your good reputation is contagious.

Communication isn’t about getting information out, it’s about getting through.”

– Kem Meyer