Success Stories

Rebooting an Outdated Brand to Expand a Donor Base

Our audience and donor base were not growing with our expenses and budgetary needs. We thought a fresh logo would help, but our challenge was actually deeper. We had a decades-old system that completely relied on our legacy with no plan to future-proof our existence.

Centralizing Communication in a Wild West Organization

We started experiencing a growth plateau of growth that limited the reach of our services. Communication was one of three vital initiatives we had to tackle to turn things back in the right direction. It was bigger than marketing and we were stalled on how to move that forward. There was no real communication roadmap. We felt the pain of that disconnect on a regular basis.

Taking the “Crisis” Out of Crisis Communications

We know emotional stakes are high when the news is difficult and quickly spreading. Getting a plan and toolkit in place provided us with much needed headspace and eliminated any panic response that could cause subsequent pain for our people. There’s always a crisis around the corner, but our response doesn’t have to be one.

Relaunching a 150 yr old institution for a new generation

When a mission mutates over time into a monument to the past, it doesn’t recover. It remains almost invisible in plain sight…for decades. “Our past was rich and in technicolor. But our present felt faded and weary. We were tired and we were concerned.  When we made the decision to restart this, we had no idea how to even start.”

Your job is less about sending the right message and more about releasing the right response.”

– Kem Meyer

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